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Argentina. El calafate

The tour begins 47 km away from El Calafate, at Punta Bandera Port, where comfortable state-of-the-art boats are waiting to navigate the Argentino Lake. Next destination will be Upsala Glacier, one of the largest among the continental ices. After crossing “Boca del Diablo”, the lake’s narrowest area, natural gateway to the Northern Canal, the route heads West. While the scenery turns into woods and huge high mountains with hanging glaciers, the boat finds itself surrounded by enormous icebergs, proof of Upsala Glacier’s regression process, until reaching the huge front. Later on, the boat continues its route entering Spegazzini Canal, where the highest National Park’s protagonist stands proudly: its walls reach a height of 130 mts and spread along 25 km. Finally, the Northern Canal leads to the port, where participants will disembark to return to El Calafate. Depending on the weather conditions, the numerous Upsala Glacier’s icebergs can form an astonishing wide barrier of ice. This occasionally prevents the entry and approach to certain points in the itinerary that will be daily checked due to safety reasons.

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