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Argentina. Bariloche



Leaving Bariloche by route 40 we will begin to see the wide Nahuel Huapi Lake. The visual change in a few kilometers, leaving the transition area to enter an arid landscape of low vegetation, where various species of birds, guanacos and sheep will be seen along the route and the main highlight will be the Limay River (the which we will border from its nascent). This river can be crossed by bridge or by raft, one of the few remaining in the country (PHOTO); through one of these options we will arrive to the other margin to visit Villa Llanquin, a town of 350 inhabitants that harvests its own food and produces raw material for its crafts and weavings. We will know and we will be chatting with them, learning about gardens, plantations and manual works among other things. We will then return to route 40 towards Confluencia -union of the rivers Traful and Limay- place of imposing beauty surrounded by volcanic mountains, where wind and water carved them naturally giving shape to this wonderful “Enchanted Valley” (Valle Encantado).