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    Humahuaca gorge
    Multicolored landscape

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    Perito Moreno Glacier
    Encounter with milenary icefield

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    Buenos Aires
    Avant-garde city

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    Iguazu Falls
    Natural Wonder of Nature

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    Land of mountains, sun and wine



The best way to experience Argentinian culture through amazing food, stunning locations and with new friends –we will take guests to 4 amazing restaurants to enjoy over 10 dishes and drinks showcasing the best of Argentinian cuisine, including a wine tasting. We will walk through impressive streets to learn about the history of the Palermo neighborhood, its street art and culture.


The Argentino Lake is the third biggest lake in South America. Surrounded by mountains and fed by giant glaciers, this lake astonishes with its immensity and special color. It was exactly that light blue color, the mountains covered in white and the light blue sky what motivated Francisco P. Moreno to name it “Argentino”. “Nativo Experience – Lakes and caves” is a 4x4 activity through the Argentino Lake’s shore, with an anthropological approach that tours man’s presence along the years in this region. The aim is to rediscover the first expeditions of the brave ones who dare to go into the unknown and how their first interaction with the natives was. Thus, among cliffs and views to the Andes Mountain Range, one personally feels the Tehuelche world along 20km. Stopping for taking pictures will help to go even deeper in typical flora and fauna details, as well as trying to understand the legacy left by those natives through their cave paintings. Imagination will be set free among chenques and awnings, immersed in thousands of years of history. On the lake’s shore, there are millennial caves where Tehuelche culture left its mark printed on the rocks to be read. After visiting them, participants finish the tour having lunch or dinner inside another big cave.


A day in a fishermen village: we invite you to live an unforgettable day in a picturesque village by the sea, sailing, fishing your own king crab and cooking it in a family house learning its culinary secrets. Early morning departure on route 3 to Route "J": we will take a gravel road through a dense native forest with peat bogs, to the coast where we take a 1-hour walk through the forest to a busy waterfall. We will make a comforting stop to have a coffee with snacks. Back to the vehicle we went to Puerto Almanza, the southernmost fishing port of Argentina and from there by another gravel road after about 15km we arrived at a small and adorable village dedicated to the artisanal fishing of king crab, crayfish, mussels, cholgas and other typical mollusks in this area. We embark to participate in the fishing of the spider crab; upon return they will teach us how to prepare it in Patagonian style cooked with sea water.