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Cerro Catedral is an important international ski center and another of the traditional attractions of Bariloche, especially during the winter season, although it remains open all year round. It offers a wide and varied service infrastructure to practice all types of skiing and other winter sports. Hospitality, gastronomy and a variety of places satisfy the tastes and needs of skiers and tourists. To climb Cerro Catedral there are some alternatives for pedestrians (optional, lifts not included). At the top we will find bars and restaurants. Every year the National Snow Festival is celebrated, with fireworks and the famous torch descent from the Hill.


By national route 237 with direction to the east we arrive to the Limay River, where the typical landscape of the patagónic steppe is observed. At this point there is the detour that takes National Route 231 to Villa La Angostura, a route that involves skirting the Huemul Arm of Lake Nahuel Huapi, where the traveler will be surrounded by cypress forests, which will gradually give way to the forest damp. The Villa is located on the north coast of Lake Nahuel Huapi and has different attractions: The ports in Bahía Mansa and Bahía Brava, the historic presidential residence El Messidor, and the La Asunción Chapel. Return to San Carlos de Bariloche. Only in Winter Season (June to August): you will enter Cerro Bayo, where you will have the possibility of taking a lift to get to know the slopes of skiers and paradores on the mountain. At this point we can choose between spending all day at the Ski Center (where we can do some activity such as skiing or snowboarding) or go down to lunch in the city of Villa la Angostura. Route: around 170 km Does not include Lunch or chairlift in Cerro Bayo


The Patagonian ice field is, after Antarctica, the largest concentration of ice on the planet. Its glaciers descend from 1,500 to 200 metres above sea level enabling unique access and viewing of the glaciers. Los Glaciares National Park offers a magnificent combination of forest, lakes, mountains, ice and steppes with over 200 glaciers. The most renowned being Spegazzini, rising 135 meters above sea level, Upsala covering an entire valley with an approximate extension of 765 Km2 and a length of 53km, and Perito Moreno Glacier, constantly advancing and causing the spectacular rupture of the wall of ice, providing one of Nature’s most impressive sights. Glaciares Gourmet is a full day journey to one of the most wonderful places in Southern Patagonia. Sailing aboard exclusive cruises will enjoy the highest standard of comfort and gourmet cuisine, for a truly memorable experience. Morning: Lago Argentino, on a northwest course to Punta Avellaneda and Boca del Diablo. Spegazzini Glacier, landing at Las Vacas Station, in the Spegazzini Canal Bay. Here our guides coordinate a trek with a view of the old Settlers’ Station identifying flora and fauna. Visit the Upsala Canal and navigate to Herminita Peninsula -limit of the navigation zone allowed by National Parks– panoramic view of the Glacier. Lunch during navigation. Afternoon: navigation to Canal de los Tempanos, visit to Perito Moreno glacier. Return to La Soledad private port. MARIA TURQUESA Cruise: Main deck with capacity for 180 people + space specially designed for children. 4 exterior decks and 1 PREMIUM Deck on the upper level with a maximum capacity for 20 people. Lunch Gourmet Menu Tasting for the PREMIUM Deck or Gourmet Lunch Box for the classic deck.