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Argentina. Buenos aires

Tourist motor-ship HUMBERTO M is a comfortable ship specially prepared to offer tourist services of navigation lunch and supper respectively or privates meetings on board. The ship has a wide panoramic view hall with capacity for 120 people comfortably seated, equipped with air- conditioning, heating, audio equipment and professional sound. 2 hours of fascinating navigation down the Coastal Channel of the River Plate, until the proximities of the Athletic Club River Plate. In this voyage the interior of the Port of Buenos Aires with all its vast activity will be able to be observed, the Yacht Argentine Club founded in 1883, the antique Hotel of the Immigrants, the riverside silhouette, the classic Fishermen Club with its typical construction, the Airfield for light aircrafts Jorge Newbery, the University City, the different ways to practice of water. It offers International food service; besides Humberto M, fulfills the present regulations of Argentine Naval Prefecture in agreement with the outlines of the International.