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Argentina. Buenos aires



Francisco was born in Buenos Aires and spent most of his religious life in this city. We will visit:
• 9 de Julio Ave, Independencia Ave, La Plata Ave, old San Lorenzo Stadium (now Carrefour market)
• Pope birthplace, Flores neighborhood His First girlfriend, Amalia Damonte. Herminia Brumana Square.
• Colegio de la Misericordia – Chapel- His kindergarten, First Communion and Sunday Mass with his family
• San José de Flores Basilica Where Pope had his "revelation" and defined his vocation at age 17. San Pedro, San Jose and Luján Virgin Images.
• Downtown Buenos Aires – 9 de Julio Ave. - Obelisk - Colon Theater - Diagonal Norte - May Square (Plaza de Mayo) - Pink House (Casa Rosada) - Cathedral - Buenos Aires Archbishop, Bergoglio Cardinal residence. Metro A Line - from Peru to Piedras Station.
• Return to Hotel.