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Argentina. Buenos aires



This gaucho day trip from Buenos Aires is the best way to see the real heritage of Argentina; visiting San Antonio de Areco, one of the last towns that pridefully guard their customs and keep their traditions alive. This day trip provides the opportunity to know more about Estancia culture, horses and the gaucho lifestyle that is an emblem of argentine identity. At the Estancia, you will appreciate the beauty and simplicity of the Pampas, and learn about rural life in Argentina. You will meet gauchos and participate in activities such as horseback riding and carriage rides through the surrounding farmland. As you dine, you will enjoy a performance of traditional folkloric music and dancing and an impressive gaucho horsemen demonstration.
08.30 am: Pick up at your hotel in Buenos Aires.
10.00 am: Reception at San Antonio de Areco by our guide, who will show you the picturesque streets of the historical center, pulperias (old gaucho bars), the renowned Draghi’s Silversmith Museum, traditional handicraft, and the Ricardo Güiraldes Gaucho Museum.
12.00 noon: Departure to an exclusive Estancia where you will be greeted with empanadas and a delicious Argentine asado (traditional barbecue). With the guide, you will take a tour to visit the Estancia while hearing stories about this historic working ranch. Various activities will be offered: horseback riding or carriage, traditional folkloric dancers and music and impressive destrezas gauchas (Gaucho skills demonstration). You will also have the chance to discover and taste the ritual of the mate (typical infusion)! During the summer, the Estancia opens its 2 swimming pools.
04.30 pm: Departure to Buenos Aires