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Argentina. Buenos aires

Polo under the stars! Every night of the year; you will watch a 4 chukka polo match played by professional players. While you feel the adrenaline of the fast pace game, at the only illuminated polo field in the world, you will be introduced to a gastronomic experience based on our argentine culture. You will enjoy a typical “picada argentina” accompanied by the local beer, while a bilingual guide will teach you the fundamentals of the game, the history of polo in Argentina, and about the polo equipment used by the horse and the player. Then you will taste our traditional empanadas specially cooked on coal, with the best argentine wine. Finally (while watching the third and fourth chukker) you will give a try to our gourmet sandwiches of our already famous meat with chimichurri and salsa criolla. In-between chukkas, you will have the opportunity to visit the pony line and observe our grooms saddling up the horses. Also you can practice the different shot techniques, using our foot mallets.
Polo Night starts at 7 pm and ends at midnight.