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Argentina. El chaltén



An unforgettable experience that combines navigation and trekking visiting, from El Chaltén, the northern area of Los Glaciares National Park and the Lago del Desierto provincial reserve. We travel 36 km by bus to Lago del Desierto, through a beautiful path between forests and bordering Rio de las Vueltas. From Punta Sur pier we sail for about 50’, sighting the Huemul and Crestón glaciers to disembark at Punta Norte, where we disembark 15’. Then we sail towards the Glacier Vespignani sector, which is in the middle of the lake; once there -and under the supervision of a security officer- you can choose to walk one of the three perfectly marked trails of the Vespignani Glacier Reserve, depending on the difficulty and effort you wish to make. The most demanding path requires 45 'at a slow pace to overcome 150 meters of unevenness and access the foot of the Vespignani Glacier plus an incredible view of Fitz Roy mount north face. As a second option, the intermediate path leads in only 15 'and by a slight slope to an outstanding panoramic point with a view to the Glacier. You can also choose or complement the other routes by retracing the interpretive trail that visits the forest and coastal area of the reserve without ascents.

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