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Argentina. Córdoba



Early departure towards the town of Jesús María along National Route Nº 9 which nowadays coincides with the ancient route of the ‘Camino Real al Alto Perú’, visiting: Jesus Maria’s National Jesuit Museum, ranch purchased by the Jesuits in 1618. Anfiteatro de Doma y Folklore: the place where every January the ‘Festival Nacional de Doma y Folklore’ is held. Colonia Caroya: Town of Italian immigrants, famous for the production of sausages, canned food and confectionary. Caroya House: The place where the first factory of weapons (knives) in the country was established in 1815 and hosted guests as Gral. Belgrano and Gral. San Martín. Currently, it hosts a museum of handicrafts and colonization objects. Then, the Church and Jesuit Ranch Santa Catalina are visited. 15 kms to the South there is the town of Ascochinga, slightly undulating area with excessive vegetation. Visit to Sagrado Corazón de Jesús Chapel, heading the south we get to the ‘Granja’ where many German style villas can be found. 7 kms to the south we get to Agua de Oro, where a road takes us to the famous Candonga Chapel. It belonged to the Jesuits and dates back to 1730. The ‘Virgen Del Rosario’ is worshiped in its altar and it was decorated by the indigenous, it is a National Historic Monument. Finally, the tourist towns of Manzano, Salsipuedes and Río Ceballos will be visited from where you will return to Córdoba city.