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Argentina. Esquel



It is an ideal tour to navigate the waters that bathe the National Park, to contemplate the imposing mountainous cords that border them and to know the varied vegetation that adorns the landscape, among which the millennial Alerzal stands out. During the tour, you can enjoy some of the oldest trees on the planet, which have more than 2620 years and have surprising dimensions. Menéndez Lake is navigated until reaching Puerto Sagrario and starting the walk through an intangible zone where the great variety of vegetation is part of the attraction. Next to the Swan Lake and the rapids of the homonimous river, some “Young” -that are hundreds of years old-, larches begin to emerge until at the end of the path the imposing millennial alerzal arises. It stands out "the grandfather", one of the oldest of the forest that is about 2620 years old, 60 meters high and more than two meters in diameter. The full path is about 2 km and the path is considered medium difficulty. Currently, we walk through the new footbridges that facilitate the walk and provide new panoramic views. There are also spaces with interpretive signage and places of rest. To arrive to Puerto Chucao, from the parking lot located next to Route 71, a striking suspension bridge is crossed and, from there, you start with a short walk.