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Argentina. Esquel



Los Alerces National Park - created in 1937 - is one of the most important in the country for the incomparable beauty of its forests, offering different routes and services that allow visitors to experience it in different ways. Located 35 km from Trevelin and 50 km from Esquel, it has an area of 263,000 hectares. Its proximity to the mountain range allows the development of a dense Andean Patagonian forest, although a Valdivian jungle grows where the Alerce or "Lahuan" stands out: they grow very slowly and their specimens can live between 3,000 and 4,000 years of age and measure up to 60 meters high.
Leleque Museum is located at the entrance Cholila town (means “beautiful valley”). 13 thousand years of Patagonian history are exhibited here: from the entrance of the original towns, the archaeological finds, their paintings and rock engravings. Those objects that passed from generation to generation represent the passage of time in a region with a strong cultural identity.