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Argentina. Puerto iguazú



One of the most unique sights in the world, you have to experience it!
The light of the full moon accompanies you on the trip through the jungle; bathing everything in its presence and making them shine like drops of silver water in the Iguazu River. Strolling along the footpaths you will experience complete peace -and nearly complete silence- hearing only the sounds of the jungle and of the calm current running along the dark rocks. The walks also include an option to have dinner in the park, either before or after your stroll, in the "La Selva Restaurant", located in the Park's Food Court. The brightness of the moon allows only rides for 5 nights per month (*)


1° Departure: 7:45 pm
2° Departure: 8:30 pm
3° Departure: 9:15 pm

(*) Full Moon calendar:


11 TO 15 OCT
09 TO 13 NOV
08 TO 12 DEC