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Argentina. Puerto iguazú



One of the most unique sights in the world! The Walk in the moonlight is a unique experience that takes place 5 nights a month (*) in the Iguazu Falls National Park, reaching the Devil´s Throat. The tour begins with the check-in at the park, at the time confirmed in your reservation. After a brief introductory talk by the park ranger and the guide in charge, you board the Ecological Train of the Jungle, with its shadows, aromas, and characteristic sounds, to the Devil´s Throat Station (20’). There begins a wonderful walk to the Devil´s Throat balcony by footbridges that cross the Iguazu River, to enjoy the view of this imposing waterfall (1200 mts until reaching main balcony). The light of the full moon accompanies you on the trip through the jungle; bathing everything in its presence and making them shine like drops of silver water in the Iguazu River. Strolling along the footpaths you will experience complete peace -and nearly complete silence- hearing only the sounds of the jungle and of the calm current running along the dark rocks. Each night and each departure is different! Finally, you return to the Central Station, from where the passengers will be guided to the exit of the park.


05 TO 09 APR
05 TO 09 MAY
03 TO 07 JUN
03 TO 07 JUL
01 TO 05 AUG
31 AUG TO 04 SEP
29 SEP TO 03 OCT
29 OCT TO 02 NOV
28 NOV TO 02 DEC
28 DEC TO 01 JAN (2021)