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Argentina. Puerto iguazú



The Great Adventure departs from the Lower Circuit of the Argentine Falls: it offers an exciting experience within the Iguazú National Park and in Lower Iguazú River. It is divided into 2 parts: firstly, the sailing on the semi-rigid boats to reach the bottom of San Martin, Bosetty, Tres Mosqueteros and Cañon de Garganta del Diablo falls and down the river rapids up to Puerto Macuco (3 kms from the Waterfalls); secondly, an 8 km ride in a special truck along the rainforest, observing the local flora and fauna with the aid of specialized guides. Feel and experience the Waterfalls in this tour! You can start this tour by boat and then walk, or the other way around.
Difficulty: high, 100 meters of stairs.

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