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Argentina. El calafate



A navigation in front of the South wall of the amazing Perito Moreno Gacier, a long walk by a captivate forest and finally, the long walk on the Glacier. The guided tour begins in the port located in the Bay “Under the Shade” approximately at 6 km before the Viewpoint of the glacier where you take a boat that crosses the “Brazo Rico” of the Argentine Lake, and after sailing for about 20 minutes oriented towards the Channel of Ice floes and to the South wall of the Perito Moreno Glacier, it disembarks and arrives at the refuge where the guides organize the groups, which are made of up to 20 people each one. A long walk to the glacier begins by the border of the lake, and lasts approximately 20 minutes. When arriving to the edge of the ice, the guides put the “grampones” to the participants, and give them instructions about how they should move on the ice. The route on the Glacier lasts 2 hours, appreciating in the way diverses icing-ups like: cracks, drains, small lagoons, etc. The long walk is moderate. The ice surface on which it takes place the long walk is irregular, but firm and safe. Explanations about flora, fauna and general “glaciología” of the region will be received and also informations of the particular phenomenon that happens in the Perito Moreno Glacier and eventually produces its breaking. When the walk ends the group returns to the refuge, going through the lush forest “magallánico”. The return to port takes place with a previous visit to the Channel of Ice floes and the approaching to the walls of the glacier. Before returning to El Calafate, the passengers will be transferred to the Viewpoint of the Glacier and its footbridges, for about 60 minutes.
Suggestions This excursion replaces the conventional visit to footbridges. It is worth taking it! The passengers can take box lunch and have them in the refuge of the forest. (Not included).
a) Age: Due to the level of effort and difficulty that displays, this excursion can't be done for the following people: pregnants, olders of 65 years, minors of 10 years, with overweight or some type of disability. (*)
b) Footwear: Any type of sport footwear, for example dull of trekking, slippers. Use thick socks, and prefer the ones of wool or cotton. Rubber boots are not admitted, nor high studs in women. The tourists only receive grampones.
c) Clothing: Sportive (long trousers for both sexs. It is advisable to take t-shirt, sweater and overall waterproof. Sunglasses, protective cream and gloves. Also cap for sun or in case of cold.
d) Lunch: The passengers must take theirs lunch boxes and only the groups that take the excursion during the morning have 40 minutes to have lunch in the refuge. Once embarked towards the Glacier, there are no products to buy.
e) To smoke: It is forbidden to smoke during the course of all the excursion; either in the boat, the forest, the ice or in the refuge.
f) Physical state: Normal, the passengers must know that they will walk slowly for three hours, approximately, by lands so varied and irregular as ice, forest and “pedreros”.
g) Difficulty: It is light, but relatively more complicated for old people, with problems of vertigo or bad physical state (For example: overweight)
(*) Restrictions: due to the effort and difficulty involved on this tour, it is only suitable for people between 10 and 65 years. Overweight people can not take this tour. Kindly note that overweight people are considered those that exceed this criteria: weight in kg. greater than twice the height in cm. minus 100 (e.g. 1.70 m height: 170 minus 100 = 70 x 2 = 140); pregnant; people with any degree or type of physical or mental disability that affects their attention or coordination; persons suffering central or peripheral cardiovascular diseases, using stents, pacemakers and other prostheses; (e.g. medicated with anticoagulants, varices grade III -thick and multiples-, cardiac arrhythmias), people suffering respiratory diseases (COPD, asthma, emphysema, etc).
Because of its responsibility and under current regulations, H&A (Hielo & Aventura) reserves the right of admission, exercised under the previous guidelines, when they result apparent.

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