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Argentina. El calafate

This incredible experience, begins in the Port “Under the shade” at 9 AM. There the boat “Tehuelche” crosses the Arm Rico, and 10 minutes later disembark in the west coast. The mountain guides will still take then nearer the glacier to put the “crampons” and initiate the approaching. The footpath passes by the South “Morena” of the Perito Moreno Glacier, and in little more than one hour they will find an amazing viewpoint, by where they will get to the ice. Once in the glacier and with “crampones” on, the world takes a new perspective: blue lagoons, deep cracks, enormous drains, magicians caves, and the unique sensation to feel in the middle of the glacier. Always accompanied and instructed by expert guides, who next to you will explore, during three hours, the corners of the most special glacier of the world. During the route the guides will help you get to know the ice and its surroundings better. You will have half an hour to have your box lunches (NOT INCLUDED) on the white tablecloth and being surprised in a place of unequalled beauty. Once in the “Morena”, you will walk for another hour approximately in order to take the boat to return to the “civilization” at 3 PM., after having enjoyed one of the most spectacular treks on ice of the world.

Age: Due to the physical requirement and difficulty of the land, this excursion is only able for people between 18 and 50 years of and that has an acceptable physical state, considering that you will walk for about 7 hours on ice and “pedreros”. (*)
Clothings: Sunglasses, solar cream, comfortable and warm clothes, cap for sun, raincoat, glove, trekking boots, backpack of 40 lts approximately.
Lunch: Passengers must bring their lunch boxes from Calafate.
To smoke: It is forbidden to smoke during the course of all the excursion; either in the boat, the forest, the ice or in the refuge.
Physical state: The passengers must know that they will walk slowly for about six hours approximately, by lands so varied and irregular as ice, forest and “pedreros”. It is light, but relatively more complicated for old people, with problems of vertigo or bad physical state (For example: overweight)
(*) Restrictions: due to the effort and difficulty involved on this tour it is only suitable for people between 18 and 50 years in good physical condition, considering about 7 hours walking on ice and forest. Overweight people can not take this tour. Kindly note that overweight people are considered those that exceed this criteria: weight in kg. greater than twice the height in cm. minus 100 (e.g. 1.70 m height: 170 minus 100 = 70 x 2 = 140); pregnant; people with any degree or type of physical or mental disability that affects their attention or coordination; persons suffering central or peripheral cardiovascular diseases using stents, pacemakers and other prostheses; (e.g. medicated with anticoagulants, varices grade III -thick and multiples-, cardiac arrhythmias), people suffering respiratory diseases (COPD, asthma, emphysema, etc).
Because of its responsibility and under current regulations, H&A (Hielo & Aventura) reserves the right of admission, exercised under the previous guidelines, when they result apparent.

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