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Argentina. El calafate



Starting off from El Calafate, about 80 km separate Perito Moreno Glacier, last 26 km journey within the National Park Glaciers From its beginning the trip has pleasant surprises. Already in the outskirts of El Calafate, at your right you can see the Argentine Lake with its Round Bay populated with an important variety of birds that can be observed, standing out the swan of black neck, flamenco, duck steam, gallareta, cauquén, giving frame to the typical yellow of the countryside, by the presence of coirones. First 40 km travel across the patagonic steppe, to soon enter in the 26 km after the entrance to the National Park, in order to observe the arboreal vegetation formed by ñires, sour cherries, lengas and cinnamon-coloured, some flowers of diverse colors; the outstanding one is “notro” by its colourful red intense that belongs to the Patagonic Andean Forest. In front of the Glacier, everything is majestic. You can go around the footbridges to catch different views of the Glacier.

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