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Argentina. El calafate



After crossing the Patagonian steppe from North to South, you will arrive at the border post “Cancha Carrera” after a 2,5 hs trip. There, you will start to travel through the beautiful South Chile until you arrive at the “Torres del Paine” National Park (“blue” in Tehuelche language due to the predominant color).
The trip from El Calafate to National Park Torres del Paine takes 3,5 hs. Once in the park, we will combine rides in our EXCLUSIVE OVERLAND TRUCK 4X4 and hikes, as there are many roads that go along the park and hundreds of hiking paths from one side to another.
By default, the level of difficulty of the activities in our programs is low, having the chance to change it for a higher level is the group asks for it.
Onboard of our OVERLAND TRUCKS (4X4), we will go to strategic places from where we´ll start the hikes that will allow us to get to the viewpoints where we will have most beautiful sights of the park.
Around noon, we will offer you a picnic at the mountain. In case, the weather doesn´t allow it, we´ll use mountain shelters. In the afternoon, where ever the day finds us.
Among the different places and viewpoints, you will be able to see: Sarmiento de Gamboa Lake viewpoint, Saltos del Rio Paine (Lunch & walking down beside the river 30’), Cerro Almirante Nieto.
Cuernos del Paine – superior viewpoint; Laguna Amarga Las Torres Viewpoint; Salto Grande viewpoint (Big Fall); Viewpoint Nordenskjold Lake de los Cuernos del Paine (Trek by 1.5 hours to Pehoe & Nordenskjold Lake.)

Important: the places and viewpoints that will finally be included depend on the weather conditions, the physical condition of the group, available time, the development of the excursion is left to the discretion of the guide tour.