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Argentina. El calafate



It is a tour aimed at travelers who enjoy walking in remote places. Truly those who have made this trek feel they are the first to reach the places they visit. The tour departs early morning from El Calafate; we travel 50 Km up to Roca Lake, where we embark on a rigid cabin with capacity for 17 people. After sailing for about 45 minutes we arrived at the south end of South Arm, a place where begins the first stage of the walk to arrive at Lake Frias site where he embarks on rubber boats with capacity for 7 pax with which sailed the west end of the lake and where after disembarking the second spacewalk is performed to the Frias Glacier / SW end Dickson National Park. There in the middle of an incredible landscape the included box lunch is enjoyed, before starting return to hotel in the late afternoon.