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Argentina. El calafate

This excursion allows us to get to know the northern part of Lake Argentino fed by different Glaciers and with incomparable landscapes. We will take Provincial Route 11 and after traveling 45 km we will arrive at Puerto Bandera, where we will embark on a modern Catamaran. The navigation begins by entering the North Arm of the Lake, crossing the Devil's Mouth, a narrow natural access. Continuing the navigation through the Spegazzini Arm we will begin to observe the Heim Sur, Peineta, Seco glaciers and finally arrive at the Spegazzini Glacier. We will disembark at the base and begin the visit to the area, walking through the forest path to the Refuge. This 300-meter trail is easily accessible; as we go through it, we stop at stations and viewpoints with views of the entire Glacier Bay. In the Refuge, we can have lunch (Optional) while enjoying the landscape. For those who like to walk they can take the "mountain path" (1,200 meters), a route of medium difficulty through a wooded path and with natural viewpoints full of incredible views. Then we embark again to return to the port from which we initially set sail, and from there we take the transfer back to El Calafate.
The Catamaran has a VIP sector (Captain's Club) – at an additional cost. It has a preferential location next to the Captain's cabin and includes a 3-course menu and free drinks (hot and cold), which is served in a special room in the Base Restaurant.