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Argentina. El calafate

Departing from Punta Bandera port -47 km away from El Calafate- we begin sailing through Lake Argentino North Arm. We cross Boca del Diablo to the Upsala channel sailing among the large icebergs that emerge from Upsala Glacier front. Then we enter the Spegazzini Channel from where we will get the first view of Seco Glacier. We continue sailing to the front of the Spegazzini Glacier where we will also see the Heim Sur and Peineta glaciers. We prepare to disembark at SPEGAZZINI BASE; the visit begins with a walk through the “Forest Trail” until reaching the Spegazzini Refuge. This 300-meter path is very accessible; in its different stations we will get beautiful views of the entire Glacier Bay. In the refuge we can have lunch, visit the shop or contemplate the landscape. For those who like to walk they can take the “Mountain Trail”, a 700-meter long, medium-difficulty route through a wooded path, with natural viewpoints with incredible views. This path ends at the landing point.