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Argentina. Jujuy



We start by summer village of Yala and visit a game fishing preserve and breeding farm, then continue our way up by a winding route to the provincial park in the middle of a woody area and a large number of birds, waterfalls and crystal-clear rivers. First lagoon we see is Desaguadero; after that we continue to Rodeo lagoon to lunch and proceed to Comedero Lagoon to see it closely and walk in a side of it enjoying ducks and birds sing and the beautiful landscape. Then we continue to Termas de Reyes stopping to take pictures of the panoramically view of Termas de Reyes Hotel and surrounding area and finally an hour wait for the people that wants to enjoy of the thermal baths and back to the city. There are two options of taking baths: one is in the private boxes of the hotel and Spa and the other is an open floor public summing pool.