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Argentina. Mendoza



The Roby brothers have created a micro-distillery in their old family house in the heart of Chacras de Coria where they have carefully developed the secret alchemy of distilling for the production of unique craft spirits Come to learn the brother´s peculiar distilling style and craf your own gin and other spirits with the guidance of Master Distiller Alessandro Conti. Learn traditional recipes to prepare unique beverages which preserve all the authentic flavors, aromas and textures to deliver a unique sensorial experience!
The day begins at mid-morning with a visit to our distillery. It follows with the first half of your hands-on cooking class. You will learn the way Argentineans do with fresh seasonal ingredients and different meat cuts. We will then take you to our Tasting Cave where you will distill yourself! Pick botanicals, fill the still and wait for alchemy! Back to complete cooking your local lunch. Once you have finished your Eau de Vie, you will enjoy a meal paired with the house wine and spirits. The idea is that you go back home with recipes you can reproduce, and maybe a bottle of a Spirit to share with family and friends.