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Chile. Puerto natales



"Round Trip" Tonina Agunsa.
Catamaran Boat Agunsa-Tonina begin navigating the Señoret Canal, heading NW towards Mount Balmaceda while the passenger will enjoy breakfast on board. Our first point of interest will be the Puerto Bories National Historic Monument, this meat frezzing factory was founded in 1913 by the Tierra del Fuego Operating Company and for more than 60 years was the most important center of slaughtering in the area. It highlights its construction in masonry, post Victorian industrial architecture English style. We delving deeper into the Señoret canal, we navigate close to Isla Guanaco where small and wonderful Magellan or TONINAS Dolphins are appreciated. Then we access through the Estancia (cattle ranch) Margot, where the Cormorants cliffs are located, showing off lots of these birds fanning their wings outstretched to the wind. Continuing the trip to Punta de Lobos where we found some of this marine mammals, then got to visit the waterfall and cliffs where we can see condors. At each point of interest our boats Agunsa Tonina will stop so the passengers will enjoy the scenery of this attractive area. The journey continues to Mount Balmaceda (2035 meters high) where we will see the first glacier of the same name and then disembark at Puerto Toro to start a walk round the shore of the lagoon Icebergs, always accompanied by our bilingual guide. Through a native forest coigües, ñirres and ciruelillos, toward the Serrano glacier, here we enjoy the impressive vegetation and the contrast between the clear skies and blue ice, accompanied by imposing Serrano glacier. In the way back we will enjoy a snack before to get to lunch place the estancia Consuelo where a Rosted Lamb will wait for the visitors. our navigation ends in Puerto Natales.