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Argentina. Salta



Leaving Salta, we travel along the route parallel to the Train to the Cloud’s railway track, at Quebrada del Toro (Bull’s Gorge), where the scenery will change its dense vegetation till the first cardones will be seen, as well as several viaducts and bridges such as The Bull, Alisal and Chorrillo, getting to know places as El Candado, El Gólgota, Alfarcito, etc. All lonely yet beautiful mountain landscapes. Once at Santa Rosa de Tastil, we’ll be able to visit the village, the Archaeological Museum and the pre Inca ruins where ancient housing and streets can be clearly distinguish. We continue through Finca La Encrucijada, to ascend up Muñano Cliff till to Abra Blanca, at 4,080 m.a.s.l. when we arrive to San Antonio de Los Cobres.