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Argentina. Salta

BUS+TRAIN+BUS: the excursion begins at Salta train station, located 10 blocks away from the main square. Check-in begins at 5:45 am, since the first bus leaves at 6:15 am while the last one leaves at 7:00 am. We travel along National Route 51, making several photo stops such as Campo Quijano, Viaducto El Toro and El Alfarcito where we have a country breakfast. Then we continue to San Antonio de los Cobres train station: at 12 noon the train departs making its highest and most emblematic route, which is the engineering work of Maury Engineer known as “La Polvorilla Viaduct” (4220 m.a.s.l.). This route is crossed twice (round trip) and a 20-minute stop is made at a panoramic point where we can descend to take pictures; then continue the return to San Antonio de los Cobres, scheduled for 3:00 pm. Here we take again the buses up to the center of this town, where we will have 1 hour and a half to walk around and have lunch (meals not included). Finally, we board the bus to return by the same route to Salta, arriving at 8:00 pm.