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Argentina. Ushuaia



A full day hike starts in a valley bogs and through the woods to reach a glacier and a lake thaw. The tour will start in the morning. The transfer will start from the hotel to the Valley of Andorra, where it has settled one of the developments that characterize spontaneous Ushuaia. After leaving the vehicle, the walk starts along a river melt water its path forms a meander and runs the mob. This wet and slippery ground will be present in much of the walk and the climb; so it is very important wear appropriate footwear. Once in the forest, the ascent is constant and intense at the beginning and less inclined later. Once past the limit of vegetation, and above 600 meters, we find that above the treetops be seen the mountain range that frames the valley behind us and its rugged peaks. A walk along the watercourse and a final climb up the front moraine that the glacier left the retreat, take the group to the most special moment of the tour. Once on the edge of the moraine Lagoon Icebergs discovered and behind him the huge and imposing glacier downs the southern slope of the hill Vinciguerra: the second highest of the Argentina part of Tierra del Fuego.
9:00 Pick Up by hotel
9:30 Start of trekking: moderately difficult to difficult
11:30 Arrival at the limit of vegetation
12:30 Arrival and exploration Lagoon Vinciguerra Glacier and Icebergs
13:30 Lunch at the foot of the glacier
14:30 begins the descent
17:00 Arrival to the vehicle
17:30 Arrive at hotel