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Argentina. Ushuaia



This excursion proposes to visit the only National Park located in Tierra del Fuego Island, which is located 12 km west of Ushuaia city near the border with Chile. Within the National Park you can see the local flora composed of lenga, cherry, ñires and different species of shrubs and flowers that reach a great height and that become truly beautiful during winter. Fauna is represented by both native and foreign species, such as the red fox, beaver, rabbit and different species of birds. The Park hosts wonderful landscapes such as Ensenada Bay, Roca Lake and Lapataia Bay, which will also be visited along the way, including a short walk along the lakeshore -where we will observe beavers- until reaching Lapataia Bay, located at the end of the National Route Nº 3 (Pan-American Route) 3063 Km away from Buenos Aires city. Finally, here you will feel the "End of the World"...