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Argentina. Ushuaia



This hike to reach a lookout located over 850 metres (2 790 feet) above Ushuaia is for those who love heights. At the summit of this mount a 360º panorama awaits us: mount Olivia and mount Cinco Hermanos, the Carvajal and Andorra valleys, the Beagle Channel, Murray Pass, Navarino and Hoste islands and the best view of Ushuaia. During a 3 hour-long uphill hike through the forest, we will have an intimate encounter with this milenary ecosystem. As we climb we might hear the mount pulse under our feet and hear its breath whispering in the trees. Once we reach the tree line, without the shelter of the forest, in the open we’ll see what the condors see. It is a steep and demanding hike, for which fitness is essential, but it pays-off with a moment between the clouds that exceeds imagination.
8:00 hs Pick-up from the hotel.
8:30 hs Hike starts at Andorra Valley.
12:00 hs Cerro Pelado summit. Lunch.
13:00 hs Descent.
15:00 hs Arrival to the hotel.