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Argentina. Ushuaia



Conquering the southernmost city of the world, right next to the Beagle Chanel its Martial Glacier. From the top, breathtaking panoramic views of Ushuaia Bay are a must for those who visit the city during winter. This half day tour allow us to get to know one of the most magical and symbolic spots of Ushuaia. During the climb with snowshoes the path takes the visitor to landscapes of sea and snow even more and more amazing at every step. At the glacial valley you'll enjoy a hot drink while the guide explains how the surrounding areas were eroded by the glaciers that covered this area. Descending down the ski run we’ll enter the woods where we’ll ride the zip line, a completely different way to enjoy the nature in this latitude: sledding downhill and overflying the stream with all the security measures required. On the other side of the stream lunch will be waiting for us inside our dome in the middle of the woods. The tour ends with a hike to the foothills of Martial Glacier.

Meals: toasts, lentil stew, dessert. Mineral water, soft drink, Patagonia wine.
Medium difficulty Trekking: around 2 / 2:30 hs. Height gain: 750 ft. Distance covered: 2,8 miles.
Minimum recommended equipment: suitable footwear for trekking, waterproof jacket, warm clothes, sunglasses, backpack, sunscreen, gloves, and hat.

**All descriptions and itineraries are for illustration purposes: the timing of the activities and their order may vary, and this applies also to the attractions, as the actual development of the tour depends on the guide’s decisions based on the group’s specific conformation and the evaluation of the conditions for the tour.