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Argentina. Ushuaia



This half-day tour is an invitation to enjoy winter in the Tierra del Fuego Glacier Valleys, forests and snow-covered mountains in a direct and pleasant contact with Nature. It has been designed for visitors not used to activities in slow temperature places. We intend to let you discover and admire beauty in a panoramic and quiet place, very close to Ushuaia and far from big tourist groups. The tour starts at 9 AM from your hotel with a short 20 Km drive to the Natural Reserve in Tierra Mayor Valley, alongside the Alvear Mount, where winter snow creates alluring sights. This hike of moderate duration and difficulty will allow you to get in close contact with an absolutely unbelievable landscape in a short period of time enjoying the sights and the deep silence of the place. Itinerary is adapted to the weather conditions of the day and the physical characteristics of the group: it will be sufficient for passengers to dress adequately for this type of tour and that they have no mobility problems. After a short trek, we will get to a forest refuge where passengers will find the adequate equipment according to the weather conditions of the day. Should there be a lot of fresh snow they will be offered snow shoes, but if the snow is compact or if there is ice, crampons will be provided. In any case, this is an easy-to-use equipment to allow a pleasant trek; this activity does not requiring previous experience. You will walk across an old woodcutter’s path with snow poles to reach the valley, from where you will be able to spot the Alvear Mount. Trek continues Eastbound, bordering the forest to reach a viewpoint where the panoramic landscape can be observed: Lenga forest, river and the magic sight of Tierra Mayor covered by a white snow and ice mantle. A dome tent with a good fire will be there, with hot beverages and snacks. From that spot you will have a superb view of the Alvear Mount, the Beban Pass and the Bonete and Cara Blanca Hills. We will get to the first refuge through a different path, with incredible views of the West and North sectors of the frozen Valley. After leaving the trekking equipment in the refuge, we will be on our way back to Ushuaia, estimating arrival at 1:30 PM.

09:00/09:20 AM Hotel pick up
09:50 AM Path start
10:00 AM Refuge. Trekking equipment
10:15 AM Trekking start
11:30 PM Valley viewpoint
11:45 PM Snacks and hot beverages
12:15 PM Trekking
01:00 PM Refuge
01:30 PM Ushuaia

**All descriptions and itineraries are for illustration purposes: the timing of the activities and their order may vary, and this applies also to the attractions, as the actual development of the tour depends on the guide’s decisions based on the group’s specific conformation and the evaluation of the conditions for the tour.