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Argentina. Ushuaia



Tierra del Fuego National Park is one of the most frequently visited places in Ushuaia: it is close to the city, easily accessible and it does not require to be approached in any particular way. On this tour you get to walk through the forest, canoeing down rivers and across lagoons to get into the famous Lapataia Bay.
- 08:30/9:00 Pick up from the hotels
- 09:20 Arrival to the National Park
- 09:30 Trekking along the Pampa Alta path -2 ½ hours- or Coastal path -3 hours
- 12:30 Arrival to Lake Roca and lunch
- 13:45 Paddling technique briefing and canoe prompting -1h 30min
- 15:15 Lapataia Bay
- 15:45 Return to Ushuaia
- 16:30 Arrival to Ushuaia.