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Argentina. Villa la angostura



Full day excursion, Villa Traful is considered one of the favourits excursions of our passangers. This region is one of the most wonderful landscapes. We can see nature, archeological places, and a visit this beautiful Mountain Village surrounded of forest, creeks and its principal attraction: the Traful Lake. We leave Villa La Angostura and take the road on direction to San Carlos de Bariloche to reach RN 237 to Confluencia Traful. We are going to see the changement of the landscape: we see how the Forest starts to desapared and we go through the Patagonic Steppe. In this part of the trip we can see a beautiful view, product of many years of vulcanism and erosion in Rio Limay Valley, called Valle Encantado (Enchanted Valley). Then we get to Traful Valley to see the wonderful landscapes and its archeological remains. Before the Traful Valley we get to Cuyín Manzano Valley: a beautiful river surrounded of a huge wall of basalt, where, if we have good luck we can observe Condors that domains our sky. From there begins a valley of fertile lands and a microclimate that allows the agro-turist activity. Before we get to Villa Traful we arrive to the “Wind Balcony”, that is a cliff of glaciar origin that rises 70 meters over the level of the lake and allows a panoramic exceptional sight. After this stop, we continue our way to Traful. We arrive for lunch time to this Village of 500 habitants, which is hidden in the forest. Then we will continue the trip caming back for Seven Lakes road, across the magnificent Portezuelo, that takes us to 930 meters on the level of the sea. We are going to see the Mirror and the Correntoso lake, before we arrive to Villa La Angostura.