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Argentina. Villa la angostura



We left the Hotel and we take the RN 231 towards Lake Mirror then we take RN 234: the famous the Seven Lakes Road (Mirror, Correntoso, Falkner, Villarino, Escondido, Machónico and Lácar). We are going to do several stops along this road. Our first Stop is in the Mirror lake. After that we are going to visits the famous 7 lakes hotel , where the Quintupuray family lives. We will go by closely together of other lakes: Small mirror, Traful, Hermoso and Meliquina. A magnificent memory that the glaciers left us and that constitutes one of the most impressive landscaping of Argentina . The road surprises us in every moment with the beautiful views of mountains, streams, lakes, forests, silence. Several stops in the way, will allow us to contemplate not only the beauty of the landscape, also the smell of forest and the waterfalls sounds. In San Martin we will find a beautiful city beside the Lácar Lake, with spacious boulevards and streets with an architecture that combines the traditional made of wood, with the modern and functional design. We will have lunch in San Martin, that will be an excuse to stay for a few hours there, also will have the time for a walk. Then we will visit the Arrayan Circuit Viewing-point, with fantastic view of the Lácar Lake and Chapelco Ski Complex, before returning to Villa La Angostura taken the Seven Lakes road again.